12 Apr 2024 1 min read

Podcast: Why ‘Goldilocks’ is in danger

By LGIM , Asset Allocation

Our CIO, Head of Asset Allocation and Head of Economics discuss the market outlook, with a focus on the pricing of monetary policy.


In our first official CIO call of 2024, we weigh how the macro, political and geopolitical outlook might affect the already-impressive rally notched up by many risk assets thus far this year.

During the episode, Sonja Laud, LGIM’s Chief Investment Officer, is joined by Emiel van den Heiligenberg, Head of Asset Allocation, and Tim Drayson, Head of Economics. The panel also discuss:

  • The narrow 'Goldilocks' scenario that markets are currently pricing
  • How the US Federal Reserve might respond to its inflation setback
  • Our positioning across multi-asset portfolios
  • Why we favour a selective approach to emerging market assets
  • The importance of humility in forecasting

In addition, the panel offer their usual recommendations for extracurricular reading and viewing material.

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This podcast was recorded on 11 April and was moderated by Max Julius, Head of Content.

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