29 Sep 2022 1 min read

Podcast: Navigating turbulent times

By Ben Bennett , Marija Simpraga

It's been a turbulent week in financial markets. But is the volatility seen in UK financial markets country specific or is it part of a wider, global trend? For a run-down on what's happening in financial and energy markets, join Ben Bennett, Head of Investment Strategy and Research and Marija Simpraga, Infrastructure Strategist. 


Real yields are rising, the dollar continues to firm against all major currencies and the UK economy has been caught in the crosshairs. But how should investors navigate this latest bout of global market turbulence? And in the wake of the energy supply shock how should investors look at the world of renewable energy, particularly against the current inflationary backdrop?

Join Ben Bennett, Head of Investment Strategy & Research, and Marija Simpraga, Infrastructure Strategist to hear more.

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Recorded on 28 September before the Bank of England’s decision to stabilise UK financial markets through gilt purchases.

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Ben Bennett

Head of Investment Strategy and Research

Ben focuses on investment ideas and themes. He spends a lot of time on the 4Ds of fixed income investing: debt, deficits, demographics and deflation. This might be more than a little influenced by his first-hand experience of a credit crisis, having joined us from Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Ben Bennett

Marija Simpraga

Infrastructure Strategist

Marija is the Infrastructure Strategist in LGIM's Real Assets division. She is passionate about infrastructure as an asset class that underpins sustainable economic development. Marija joined LGIM in 2017 from Bloomberg Intelligence, where she covered the European utilities sector. When not pondering the energy transition, Marija can be found wondering around London's vintage furniture markets.

Marija Simpraga