21 Apr 2023 1 min read

Podcast: Exploring emerging markets – the CIO call


As well as surveying the current investment landscape, we discuss in depth the world of emerging market debt, equity and currencies.

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For this month’s call, CIO Sonja Laud is joined by two experts for an in-depth discussion on emerging market (EM) debt and equities. As the growth differential between EMs and developed market economies stands at its highest level for 10 years, the panel also discusses the need for investors to focus on the structural implications of the rapid shift in wealth from the West to the East.

Sonja is joined by Erik Leuth, Global Emerging Economist, and Uday Patnaik, Head of Emerging Market Debt. Other topics covered by the panel include:

  • A belief that equity markets, in particular, are too resilient given that recent banking stress has still to impact the real economy  
  • Why portfolio allocations to EMs are still small relative to the size of their underlying economies
  • The impact of a potentially weaker US dollar on EM currencies

This podcast is moderated by Frances Watson, Content Manager.

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