29 Jul 2022 2 min read

Pick of the pod: your monthly roundup from LGIM Talks


In July, our investment podcast covered the outlook for emerging market assets, the economic challenges facing the UK, and what's behind the recent equity and bond market rallies. We also chatted to Bill Hughes, Global Head of Real Assets, about what triggered his move into real assets and what he loves about the built environment today. 


Want to keep abreast of fast-moving markets? Interested in what our CIO has to say each month? Or just curious to know the personality behind the professional? Then listen in on LGIM’s very own podcast channel. In July, we recorded:

In conversation with Bill Hughes, Global Head of Real Assets

In this episode, hear what attracted Bill to the world of property in the first place, as well as his views on the role of big cities, urban regeneration and the need for sustainable buildings. Bill also shares his insights into why, he believes, the younger generation can enjoy a rewarding career in the built environment.

The outlook for EM assets – the CIO call

In this month’s episode, Sonja Laud, LGIM’s chief investment officer, discusses the investment outlook over the coming months, with a focus on the growth vs inflation narrative and emerging markets. Sonja is joined by Uday Patnaik, Head of Emerging Market Debt and Erik Lueth, Global Emerging Market Economist.

Is the party over for post-Jubilee Britain?

In this episode of Blog on the Pod: as the UK prepares for the Conservative Party to select its fourth leader since 2016, we explore the economic challenges facing the winner of the contest.

With the UK potentially facing choppy waters ahead, our Senior European Economist, Hetal Mehta, shares a broad overview of Britain’s prospects in the short and medium term.

Market rallies, Fed’s move and China – Market Talk

In this episode, Ben Bennett, Head of Investment Strategy & Research, looks at reasons behind the rally in bond and equity markets, options for central bankers in light of weaker economic activity and developments in China’s property market.

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Don’t miss August’s episode of ‘We’re all goin’ on a summer holiday!’ a light-hearted podcast with Emiel van den Heiligenberg, Hetal Mehta and Laura Brown… but with a serious side too.


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