28 Oct 2022 1 min read

Blog on the pod: liquidity, cycles and bubbles

By Emiel van den Heiligenberg

Why is illiquidity still a feature in markets? And how does that affect the views of the Asset Allocation team?


In this episode, Emiel van den Heiligenberg, Head of Asset Allocation, discusses why liquidity is so important for investors, where we are in the economic cycle and, this being the season of Halloween, whether investors are experiencing market tricks or treats as we enter the final months of 2022. The link to Emiel’s blog can be accessed here.

This episode is available on Apple, Spotify and Audioboom and is hosted by Frances Watson, Content Manager.

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Emiel van den Heiligenberg

Head of Asset Allocation

Emiel is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the team’s investment and business strategy. He claims to have been a promising lightweight rower at university until French fries got the better of him. Reflecting his love for rowing in a team, he firmly believes that excellence can only be achieved by a great team made up of motivated individuals that are also eager to work together. To this end he is the self-proclaimed inventor of the verb 'teaming' to acknowledge that shaping a top team and culture of excellence is an ongoing process. Outside of work-family obligations, Emiel’s spare time is filled by a passion for shark diving and skiing. Prior to dedicating his career to portfolio management in 1996, Emiel worked as a policy adviser in the Dutch Ministry of Finance and he graduated from Tilburg University in the Netherlands ages ago. When not glued to his Bloomberg screens, this Dutch man is hooked on computer games, peanut butter and his favourite dark beer made by Belgian monks.

Emiel van den Heiligenberg