02 Apr 2020 2 min read

Welcome to the LGIM Blog

By Sonja Laud

The current crisis makes collaboration across different investment capabilities and areas of our business more important than ever. Our new blog will bring together all LGIM’s insights and research in one convenient place for you.



Welcome to the LGIM Blog, a new platform where we will bring you frequent, easily digestible and diverse views on every aspect of investing.

This is, of course, not our first blog: it brings together the best of its predecessors, Macro Matters and the Future World blog, for your convenience.

When we began work on merging the two platforms, we did not expect to be launching the new site amid a pandemic. But it is clear today that there has never been a more important moment to unify how we share our investment insights and research with you.

Some recent posts demonstrate the value of this cross-asset-class, cross-capability approach. We have written on topics as varied as the impact of the crisis on credit markets; how ETFs have performed in the selloff; the principles of investing in volatile markets; whether it is time to buy the dip; the latest scientific research into the outbreak; our economic modelling around the shutdown, and much more. Fortunately, one of the perks of spending more time at home is having more time to read!

This new blog will bring all of this insight under one umbrella, reflecting how we are working as one LGIM team to understand the present environment and what it means for our clients.

We believe that before an investor takes any action, it is incredibly important for them to understand what they are facing and how events will shape the long-term outlook for markets. That is why posts in this blog will explore both what the latest market developments mean for investors today and the second- and third-order consequences that could affect portfolios in the years and decades ahead.

It is in this regard that our commitment to environmental, social, and governance considerations will be evident. At LGIM, we have established a fully integrated framework for responsible investing to strengthen long-term returns for our clients; posts here by both our investment teams and our Investment Stewardship team will show how this works in practice.

This is the LGIM Blog – but it is also your blog. We want to hear from you about the issues we raise, and about those you would like us to raise. Through this platform and other media, we are keen to foster engagement so that together we can work through the uncertainty that still lies ahead. We are your partner in this extraordinary period and whatever comes next.

Sonja Laud

Chief Investment Officer

Sonja is CIO of LGIM, having joined the business in January 2019 as Deputy CIO with responsibility for LGIM’s Solutions, Global Fixed Income, and Active Equity teams. Sonja joined from Fidelity International where she held the title of Head of Equity, responsible for the Global, Equity Income and UK Portfolio Managers as well as the Investment Director team.

Sonja Laud