18 Oct 2023 1 min read

Webinar: Insights from 14 years of ESG data


Ahead of a landmark study of long-term ESG data, tune in to hear an in-depth discussion of the key findings of the research.


In an age when ESG has become a hygiene factor, companies are understandably keen to paint a picture of steady improvement. Yet comparable long-term data points remain elusive, making it difficult to judge overall progress at the market level.

To fill this glaring hole, LGIM has created a landmark study analysing ESG data going back 14 years – turning fragmentation into aggregation.

Ahead of the publication of the study, we’ve recorded a webinar in which our specialists will discuss the methodology behind the new study, the surprising outliers that emerged from the analysis, and what the overall direction of travel could potentially mean for index investors.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.


LGIM contributors