16 Nov 2022 1 min read

Spotlight on SDR (part 3): the ABCs for IFAs


We examine the four key components of the FCA's proposals and the reaction from financial advisers on how these may affect their roles.


In the third instalment of our Spotlight on SDR article series in partnership with Citywire, we explore the four key components of the FCA’s proposals in its consultation paper, including the role of financial advisers to help implement these measures.

Asset managers have a lot of work to do to ensure their sustainable funds meet the requirements of SDR, but advisers’ understanding of funds’ sustainability-related information and ability to effectively communicate this to their clients is also paramount.

This article aims to help advisers digest the consultation paper by providing a compact but comprehensive summary of the FCA’s proposals.

Our ESG experts, Amelia Tan, Head of Responsible Investment Strategy, Investments, and Alex Burr, ESG Policy Lead, provide their insights, and financial advisers from across the UK also weigh in with their reactions and experiences of advising on sustainable funds.

Read the article here.

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