24 May 2023 2 min read

Diversified portfolio managers: what we’re doing to tackle gender imbalance


Last week we hosted an in-person interactive event at our London office aimed at bringing more women into portfolio manager roles. 


LGIM believes cognitive diversity in business – the bringing together of people of different ages, experiences, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and social and economic backgrounds – is a crucial step towards building a better economy, society and companies.

As it stands today, the asset management industry is not role modelling or reaping the benefits of gender diversity. In 2022, men occupied 88% of money-managing roles globally, with progress on gender diversity over the past seven years painfully slow.1  

One of the ways we’re tackling this industry-wide issue is through our participation in the Diversity Project’s Pathway Programme, which aims to double the proportion of female portfolio managers by 2026.

Modern trading techniques

Last week, we hosted an in-person interactive training session attended by more than 50 talented women who could become part of the next generation of female portfolio managers.

The session was led by Ed Wicks, LGIM’s Global Head of Trading (pictured below, presenting), and offered expert insight into the realities of trading in modern financial markets.

His presentation covered the vital role of the trading desk during recent market crises, how automation can free up traders’ time to focus on high-value trades, and the tools LGIM uses to navigate increasing market illiquidity.


Time to put theory into practice

Having listened to Ed’s presentation, the aspiring portfolio managers then put their skills to the test in three trading simulations, moderated by Amplify Trading. In these sessions participants were presented with real market data and news flow and had to execute trades accordingly. The top performer in each simulation was presented with a prize.

Alex Pearce, one of LGIM’s female portfolio managers, attended the event. She highlighted the value of the Pathway Programme for women wanting a career in the industry.

“I would highly recommend participating in the Pathway Programme. It’s perfect for those who are currently working in the investment industry in a different role and aspire to become a portfolio manager in the future, or indeed those already working in the role who are looking to develop their career.”


Tools for success

Last week’s session was one among 24 events for this year’s Pathway Programme, covering all elements of the industry and delivered in a variety of formats including in-person forums, networking breakfasts and interactive virtual meetings.

The programme covers both technical skills such as data modelling, Python coding and quant skills, as well as soft skills such as navigating cultural barriers, building confidence and leadership.

Participants also benefit from a personal career development plan, and an alumnae group to help foster ongoing networking opportunities.

Find out more about how the Diversity Project’s Pathway Programme is unlocking female talent to address the underrepresentation of women in money-managing roles.


1. Source: https://uk.citywire.com/Publications/WEB_Resources/alpha-female/alpha-female-2022-sterling.pdf


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