20 Aug 2018 2 min read

An update on our #CR4KC challenge


Just over a month ago we completed our Capital Ring 4 Kevin Chessum (CR4KC) challenge. I thought I would take advantage of the proverbial 'summer lull' to provide an update.


First I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated generously and took the time to join us over the two days and share our updates. It made a real difference to our fundraising efforts and we’re delighted that exceeded our £10k target, raising a total £13,212 for the Friends of Queen Mary’s Hospital (QMH) and Stroke UK!    

This money will help towards both Stroke UK’s lifesaving stroke research, as well as supporting the Friends of QMH efforts to help other stroke survivors like Kevin to get back on their feet.

The Capital Ring was quite a journey (even as a relay!), but knowing that we’ve made a contribution to the wonderful work that these charities do makes it all worthwhile, as you can see from our highlights reel from the event. 


While we’re not shy about taking on new challenges, this event really put our teamwork and troubleshooting skills to the test!

Stamina and time keeping was not a problem, with at least three people completing more than half marathon distances in spite of close to 30°C heat across both days! Our navigation skills were a little lacking at the start, but significantly improved, once we discovered the Maps.me map for the route – essential if you plan to take on the Capital Ring yourself!

Technology really helped to make the event – from using Whatsapp location sharing to keep track of everyone and stop us getting lost, to capturing memorable moments and sharing words of encouragement.

We also ended up using more traditional methods to share our progress with our colleagues, collect donations and print t-shirts. These all proved more effective than we had originally anticipated!


We hope you’ve enjoyed taking this journey with us – now let's get thinking about the next one!

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, you can still do so directly to the charity using the buttons below.


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